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Kathrin's Yoga

Welcome to Kathrin's Yoga

Kathrin's Yoga offers beginners yoga & meditation classes and relaxation workshops on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. Classes consist of yoga postures along with relaxation & breathing techniques to help relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and strength, tone muscles, increase energy and improve overall well being.


Benefits of yoga & relaxation?

• Reduce Stress levels

• Alleviate Muscle Tension

• Increase Flexibility

• Improve Mood and       


• Increase Energy

• Improve Overall Well Being

Yoga for Beginners

Classes held on Wednesday mornings at Paradise Point

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Relaxation Workshops

Join us at our next workshop to take some time out to relax & recharge.

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Relaxation Sessions

Individuals sessions available to learn tips & ways to bring more calm and relaxation into your daily life.

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What our students are saying

"Kathrin is a wonderful Yoga Teacher. She is very clear with her demonstrations and makes inexperienced people feel confident and relaxed in her class. She has a lovely sense of humour so we have fun while we get fit! She is very patient and encouraging and mindful to tailor yoga positions to her students and their level. She is also mindful of the way her students may be feeling on the day or if they have any health problems. I look forward to her class every week and have recommended her to my friends and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to try the fun and gain the wonderful mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga!"

Marilyn, Paradise Point

"For me after an unbelievably stressful day, it was like a

life jacket had been thrown to me. :-)" 

Kerry, Ashmore

"Yoga invigorates mind, body and spirit. It is centering and magnifies your sense of being. I experience deep relaxation, which endures for a day or two after Kathrin's class."

Kim, Paradise Point

"Kathrin's classes are reassuring and beneficial, with a pleasant & calming teacher, thankyou Kathrin"

Joanne, Runaway Bay